Lunar Eclipse over the Foster Barn

Photo of Lunar Eclipse over the 1860′s Barn taken by Frank George 10/8/14

Philip Foster, one of Oregon’s earliest pioneers, was a leader in the establishment of Oregon. His farm and home in Eagle Creek played an important part in the history of the Barlow Road, which followed the south side of Mt. Hood as an alternative to the treacherous Columbia River route.  Foster helped fund, build and operate the Barlow Road at various times between 1848 and 1865, guiding thousands of covered wagons into the Willamette Valley.

“Haunted Farm” Shares Living History

Eagle Creek’s pioneers lived, suffered, and died right here at the end of the Barlow Road. Join us on October 25th (the Saturday before Halloween) to meet them “at home” on the Philip Foster Farm. Embezzler Egbert Olcott and axe murderess Charity Lamb join other emigrants and members of the Foster Family in this family-friendly [...]

2014 Cider Squeeze September 27th

We hope you’ve got trees full of apples and a real hankering to squeeze ‘em! Come down to the annual Philip Foster Farm Cider Squeeze on Saturday for a full day of fun, including cider pressing, lunch by Estacada SAFACT, dessert by Estacada First Baptist, pony rides by Animal Rescue, horse plowing by Roger Daugherty, [...]

Spreading the Word

I don’t know how you found us, but we are doing our darndest to be the best historical site people have actually heard of – instead of the best little site NOBODY’s heard of. Check out Philip Foster Farm on Yelp, radio promotions on The Buzz and The Wolf, Groupon, Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, collaborations with [...]